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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tama's other Reply

Dr. Bartlett,
Thank You very much for your reply. You have helped me move further into my project. I also need your help with the following question.
"What are the good and bad ways humans affect the earth?" I welcome your insight on this question. I would also ask if you could direct me to any other resources that might be helpful to me and my research.

Tama Moors

P.S. I have recently started my blog. Within 15 days my blog will be up and running with lots of information. Your comments are very welcome on my blog page. The URL is


There are many ways in which humans interact with the Earth. Whether
these are good or bad depends very much on the perspective we take to
our relationship with nature. We mine minerals and resources (iron,
gold, diamonds, coal, etc.) from the Earth. This processes inevitably
alters the environment and landscape in the areas where the mining
takes place (which could be viewed as bad) but also provides jobs and
the resources we require to build the many things we have today (which
could be argued is a good thing). Part of what makes making decisions
about how best to treat the Earth is the balance between the damage we
might due to the local environment and the benefits we accrue from
doing that damage. Making good decisions, in other words, is not
formulaic - it requires wisdom and communication, foresight and an
understanding of history.

Hope that helps,

Prof. Bartlett

Marshall Bartlett
Assistant Professor of Physics and Earth Sciences
Brigham Young University - Hawaii
Department of Biochemistry and Physical Sciences
55-220 Kulanui Street
Box 1967
Laie, HI 96762

Please give me feedback. Also I would like to ask if any of you could help me break this down and define it.

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