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Sunday, February 1, 2009

LLE Requirements

2008 - 2009 Semester 2


Steps to Submitting an LLE
1. Participate in a 6-8 hour "experience." Experiences may include: visiting a new place, learning a new skill, exploring a new subject of interest, etc.
2. Recognize the value in that experience for your learning and grown and decide to write up an LLE!!! Hurray!!!
3. Write up a reflection paper on your experience. (Follow the guidelines given below.)
4. Jump on project foundry and under, PROJECTS and Write a Project Request, choose the Life Long Learning Experiences form.
5. Fill out the form, which includes uploading your reflection paper.
6. Submit the proposal.
(7. OPTIONAL: Turn into me a folder of any extra evidence which you've gathered: hand-written journals, collected post cards, photographs, notes taken, stuffed animals won, etc.)

Write-Up Guidelines
Include the following information in your write up:

Paragraph 1: Introduction
-Briefly explain WHEN the even took place, WHO was there, WHAT the even entailed, WHERE it took place, and HOW it went.

Paragraphs 4-6: Body of Paper
-Choose 4-6 of the following questions. For each question you choose, write a thourough and in-depth paragraph. GIVE ALL THE DETAILS POSSIBLE. THE MORE DETAILS YOU EXPLAIN TO US, THE BETTER YOUR CHANCES OF GETTING FULL CREDIT!!!
1. What was the most important thing you learned? How did this experience teach you this lesson?
2. What was the most challenging aspect of the experience?
3. How did this experience allow you to understand something differently?
4. How did this make you understand yourself, your family, or your community better?
5. How did this experience tie in with a specific Content Standard?
6. How were your multiple intelligences used, challenged, or developed?
7. How has this experience changed you forever?

Last Paragraph: Conclusion
-Summarize your feelings about the experience. Would you participate in something like this again? Would you recommend others to participate in that activity? Are you proud of the lessons you have learned?

Reflection Requirements - The nitty-gritty:
Font Size 12, double spaced. Have someone read and edit your write-up for proper grammar and punctuation before you turn it in.
7-8 graders: 500 words
9-10 graders: 600 words
11-12 graders: 700 words


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