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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


A hawk of the genus Accipiter, characterized by a long tail and short wings.


A jackal- headed Egyptian god who conducted the dead to judgment.


A fire breathing she-monster usu. depicated as a composite of a lion, a goat, and a serpent. 2. A foolish fancy. 3. An organism, a plant, with tissues from at least two genetically distinct parents.


A member of a genus formerly designated Pith-e-can-thro-pus , based on bone fragments found in Java and thought to indicate the exsitence of a primate between humans and apes but now reclassified in the extinct species Homo erectus.

Homework August 19th 2008

Aloha Hale o Na Koa!

-bring the ziplock of dirt if you have not already done so.
-bring binder for phase 1 of current project
-1 hour of math at home.
-email me ( your plans for the next 10 years

We need to be engaged in phase 1 of planning.

Mahalo to Jaysen for the word antimony.

Isaac is tomorrow and Tama the day after.

my email is

Homework and other Notes August 18th 2008

Great Days!!!

Mahalo Hale o na koa

Please dont forget your ha'awina:
-bring a ziplock of dirt from your home
-composition book for math
-we all committ to one hour of math at home
-write your plans for the next 10 years.

We also talked about expanding our consciousness and looked at the word CONSCIENCE.

Parent Teacher Conferences are being held this week.

please email me at if you have any questions.



E 'Ulumua Kakou!
Let us find our way forward together!
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