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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Homework August 19th 2008

Aloha Hale o Na Koa!

-bring the ziplock of dirt if you have not already done so.
-bring binder for phase 1 of current project
-1 hour of math at home.
-email me ( your plans for the next 10 years

We need to be engaged in phase 1 of planning.

Mahalo to Jaysen for the word antimony.

Isaac is tomorrow and Tama the day after.

my email is


lokahi5 said...

yes mahalo to me =] hahahaha

feki54 said...

who is lokahi5???

feki54 said...

i meant aloha

Ka'imi said...

hi uncle feki ummm i sent you the hw to you on your email.....


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