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Monday, December 22, 2008


Directions: All HLC students must complete 10 Lifelong Learning Experiences (LLE) per year. Each is worth a maximum of .1 credit. In order to receive credit for a LLE you must address each item and follow the guidelines listed below when writing about your experience(s). Your paper must be typed in no larger than 12 point font size, double spaced, and must be spell-checked.

Item 1. Describe what you did for your LLE
 What did you do?
 Where did it take place?
 Who was involved?
 Why did you participate?

Item 2. Multiple Intelligences
 Name the Multiple Intelligences you engaged in for this LLE
 Describe how you used the Multiple Intelligence
 Did you enjoy learning in this way? Tell why or why not?

Item 3. Assessment
 What was the most important thing you learned by participating in this experience?
 What was the best part of the experience?
 Did this experience happen the way you expected?
 What was the most challenging part of this experience/ How did you work through or overcome this challenge?

Item 4. Lifelong Learning
 How did this experience help you to understand yourself better?
 How did this experience help you to understand something or someone differently?
 How will this experience change the way you do things?
 How did this experience affect or help your community, the environment, or the world around you?

Item 5. Conclusion
 Would you participate in this activity again? Explain why or why not.
 Would you recommend this activity to others? Explain why or why not.

Item 6. Documentation
 Bring any pictures, brochures, agendas, handouts, and/or certificates related to this activity.

Item 7. Formatting
 Your paper will have at least 5 paragraphs. It must be typed using proper sentences and grammar.
 Paragraph 1
o Follow Item 1.
 Paragraph 2
o Follow Item 2.
 Paragraph 3
o Follow Item 3.
 Paragraph 4
o Follow Item 4.
 Paragraph 5
o Follow Item 5.


Aloha Kakou,

I hope the holidays are a great celebration time for all of you. Please do not forget to keep your learning OPTIONS open. The OPTIONS we have as students of Hakipu'u Learning Center are the following:

1. Work a few minutes to an hour or more a day on project work.
2. Work a few minutes to an hour on online math work.
3. Be creative with your tasks to make your project successful.
4. Do a reading project (email kumu feki for more info if needed)
5. Do an LLE (Life long learning paper)
6. Go to the library everyday.
7. Email fellow students if you have questions.
8. Email kumu feki ( when you need assistance.

There are many options, some of which are not listed here, that you can employ.

Kumu Feki


E 'Ulumua Kakou!
Let us find our way forward together!
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