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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kyle's Mana'o on the HLC Values

Aloha My Name is Kyle. This is my project on Hakipu'u Learning Center's core values. I got my resources from: The Project-based learning handbook, through an interview conducted by Schae Ann with Kumu Kala and through other internet resources such as

Here is a list of the values as aforementioned and I have included what I interpret the values to mean in my life. As with all things and all people I am continually trying to emulate these values as well as others.

Please enjoy!

Kulia i ka Nu'u

Strive for the Highest

I live this by going above and beyond. Like if Im doing something I try to go pass what is expected of me. Some things that prevent me from doing this is talking to my friends because then I get off task. That is only during school time.

Stand in righteousness and integrity

I live this by acting appropriate in the setting you are at. I also live this by remembering there is a time and place for everything. Another example of Kupono is when you are in class, do not play around and when you are on break/recess don't forget to play around.


I live this by being responsible for my actions. If I do something I need to accept or take whatever consequences come my way. Another example of Kuleana is taking action for my success in school!

Aloha Aku Aloha Mai
To give respect and receive respect

I live this by treating other people the way you want to be treated. I also believe this means to be respectful. An example of Aloha Aku and Aloha Mai is returning something that is borrowed to gain or keep trust.

Malama i Kekahi i Kekahi
To care and protect each other

I live this by taking care of my friends and caring for each other. Sometimes we do not malama our enemies. Some do and some don't. Our enemies are not always all bad. Sometimes they become our good friends.

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