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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What I have learned...

Aloha Kakou,
I have been learning so much while being here at HLC. While having 4 post evals, 3 of which for our 'ohana, I have learned the following:

-Each of our students is capable of great work
-Saying " Oh its on the computer," during a pre or post evaluation meeting is not a good thing.
-Not having a complete and accurate time log is lethal.
-We need to have more evidence of work shown and placed in binders.
-Everyone needs to take notes and keep it in their binders.
-Losing project binders is not good.
-Reflections should be done before the post-eval.
-Journaling works as evidence of learning and should be in project binders.
-Students should always come to class, pre/post evals and other mtgs with a pen, a highlighter, a notebook or paper, plans to apply what is learned.
-Just saying "phase 3" for a 2 hour block time does not fly. We need to be more specific.
-We must be aware of the differences between an .odt, .docx, and .doc file types.
-Often we overlook details.
-We always need to look back at our webs and other documents and commitments.
-When doing our credit hours we need to show proof or evidence of learning.
-Project based learning helps students compete against themselves, instead of against each other.
-PBL also gives the student the mindsets of "How can I help?" and "What can I learn?"

These are a few things I learned...What are some things that you have learned? Please share your HLC or PBL thoughts by making a comment.

Kumu Feki

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