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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ha'awina ame Ho'ike

Aloha Na Koa,

Here is our Homework:

-1 hr. of math
-1 hr. of project work
-200 word essay on why you think we go to Labs
-Completion of Reading Assignment

Any questions email me!

Kumu Feki


hakipuu princess said...

i wish my teacher wrote our homework on

Anonymous said...

Who dis.. y u stay writing on my blog????? hi/bye....... dis is Ka'imi.... if u know meeh.. if u like scap u can meet dis girl named ciara in the front of Hale O Na Koa.. Ciara wants to fight wit u....

Anonymous said...

hi <3 U...

shea said...

My nAmE iS ShEa


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